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One Addict’s Story (part 2)

Published: July 4, 2010

In our last blog, we took a glimpse through the window into the daily routine of a habitual caffeine user. This is not an uncommon experience, and I am sure that many people are able to empathize with this situation. For those of us who swear by our daily cup of coffee, it seems a given that caffeine has an energy inducing quality like none other. Recent read more »

One Addict’s Story

Published: June 27, 2010

5:30 AM and the sun is peering in through the window. Outside birds would be heard chirping, if not for the awful train wreck of a noise being so unceremoniously spewed through the speakers of my alarm clock. Groping at the nightstand with all of my might, I manage to find the snooze button not once, not twice, but three times. 6:00 AM and my feet first read more »