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Changing of the Guard

Published: July 10, 2017

Doctor’s Clinic is pleased to report that we have obtained a practitioner to continue our service in treating ED. We announced late last year that we would be closing, but we wanted very much to not leave our patients without continuity of care.

Joshua Jefferds is a naturopathic physician interested in men’s health issues. We have discussed treatment choices with Dr Jefferds and are quite confident he will provide the same kind of care that we have supplied these past eight years. We had spoken with multiple providers prior to meeting Dr Jefferds – including several clinics now in operation.within a 90 minute driving radius – and found we could not endorse those operations. We were pleased to find someone in whom we have confidence. He will be directly addressing testosterone supplementation in men shown to have lowered levels and will deal with matters of exercise, diet and healthier living.

Dr Jefferds will be continuing operations in our current location at 3808 Auburn Blvd suite #41. Our patient records will be transferred to his care. Doctor’s Clinic’s phone current phone number will also transfer over to the new operation.

We invite all patients using injectable and oral medications to call and schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.