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The Carbon Footprint of Marijuana

Published: May 22, 2011

Marijuana may be a lot less green than people think, at least in terms of its carbon footprint. A shocking new study indicates that indoor marijuana production in the US may use a full 1% of the nation’s electrical production. Dr. Evan Miller at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicates that indoor pot growing may involve five billion dollars read more »

Hidden Dangers in Your Medicine Cabinet

Published: May 16, 2011

The European Union has put into place some significant legislation that requires herbal supplement manufacturers to clearly label their products, or be forced off the market. For more details on this story and a discussion about the safety issues of a popular herbal supplement, St. John’s Wort, see my previous blog here. After writing this blog, I read more »

The ED Drug Wars

Published: May 10, 2011

Viagra is going generic in 2012, and a market-fest is warming up. Pills to treat erectile dysfunction have become a 5 billion dollar industry. Not bad considering Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are only three medications currently available. Given that there is plenty of money in effective treatments for one of the ancient scourges of male-kind, it should read more »

The EU Bans Hundreds of Herbal Supplements, And All I Got Was This Blog

Published: May 5, 2011

Legislation in the European Union has recently come into effect that will ban hundreds of over-the-counter herbal supplements. Under the new rules, herbal supplements will face more regulation and restrictions, forcing many manufacturers to take their products off the market. A study done in the United Kingdom estimated that nearly a quarter of the read more »

Hidden Dangers of the Meat Industry (Part 2)

Published: May 4, 2011

A new Louisiana State University study suggests that about half of our meat has antibiotic resistant Staph Aureus (SA) in it. What does that mean? What can and should be done about it? While it remains to be proven that the antibiotics disappearing down the gullets of animals raised for slaughter directly leads to drug resistant SA getting onto their read more »

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