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The Road To Hellth

Published: June 21, 2013

Healthcare, as delivered in America today, has been the subject of endless discussion in the last few years – if not decades. There is almost universal agreement that changes need to be made to improve American medicine, yet there seems to be little consensus about what needs to be done. The dissatisfaction on the patient’s side of things is more read more »

The Miracle Treatment You’ve Always Known

Published: March 5, 2013

Almost everything that comes along seeming too good to be true is just that. Thankfully, there are exceptions. Once in a while something pops up that’s everything it is cracked up to be. This miracle treatment is exercise. Exercise is the second greatest health intervention known to medical science. The #1 health intervention is stopping smoking, read more »

A New Angle on Cannabis

Published: October 19, 2012

The US Justice Department could not keep track of guns that went to Mexico, and contributed to the bloody drug war south of the border (which has now killed as many Mexicans as American lives were lost throughout the Vietnam conflict) but is HAS been able to locate and harass the cannabis dispensaries in California. We don’t want to weigh in on that read more »

The Business of Testosterone

Published: May 11, 2012

“Surge in testosterone treatments raises alarm” That headline on a Bloomberg News item grabbed my attention. The first paragraph of the piece got right to the point. Noted author Shannon Pettypiece (no, that really is her name) “In what may become one of the most sought-after sex enhancement treatments since Viagra 14 years ago, new testosterone read more »

Of Old Mice and Men

Published: January 14, 2012

The Mayo Clinic, famed for its cutting edge medical care, has conducted research that is being called revolutionary in the field of aging. Dr. Darren Baker’s work involved genetically engineered mice, but could be a breakthrough for homo sapiens. According to a recent article in Nature a strain of mice were developed that were afflicted a genetic read more »

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