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A New Angle on Cannabis

Published: October 19, 2012

The US Justice Department could not keep track of guns that went to Mexico, and contributed to the bloody drug war south of the border (which has now killed as many Mexicans as American lives were lost throughout the Vietnam conflict) but is HAS been able to locate and harass the cannabis dispensaries in California. We don’t want to weigh in on that issue today, but we would like to enlist the reader in the survey: How Does Marijuana Affect Your Sex Life?

We got curious after hearing from some people that cannabis improved their enjoyment of sex. Given our present legal climate, where cops playing doctor insist (contrary to the mass of evidence) that cannabis has no legitimate medical uses there is zero chance that any prospective, double-blind study will be done on the subject.

So, a survey is probably the best we can hope for, short term, to advance the discussion on cannabis. Anecdotal evidence is not terribly convincing, but it certainly has value. We hope readers will participate in the survey. We will try and evaluate it next month. In the meantime, here are a few responses:

Yes for me! Weed enhances my libido and my sensitivity; some of the best sex I’ve had has happened while stoned.

I always experience an increase in desire and pleasure when having sex. I have a few friends who experience the exact opposite probably because they smoke every single day from when they wake up until bed. So it probably depends upon frequency of usage.

As a first time user I found marijuana to increase my libido.

I can say for me and all my friends who have had sex while on marijuana it definitely makes sex 10 times more enjoyable.

I do relate to the “zombie like sex” I read about posted by a few women. That happens often when you have sex while too high.

I smoke marijuana every day, and by doing this I always find that I am horny when I get high, always…. marijuana is a great sexual enhancer.

I am an older woman…… the addition of MJ to our sex life has allowed me to experience very enjoyable orgasms.

We would like to see many more comments. While some people have noted a decline in sexuality on cannabis this appears to be a minority opinion, more than balanced by those who find it to be a sexual enhancer. Please, add your opinion and we will try to summarize this next month.