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Our Doctors

Sacramento’s Premier Male Health Clinic

Our staff physicians include Dr Douglas DeSalles and Dr William Borris. Both are primary care physicians who have been involved in treating ED since 1996. The clinic is conveniently located in the Auburn-Pasadena Business Park not far from the intersection of Watt Ave and Auburn Blvd in Sacramento. We have an all-male staff. Privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality is a foremost concern. This is facilitated by our discreet free-standing location away from pedestrian traffic.

What We Are Not

DCFM does not use herbal products or testosterone supplementation nor make any claims regarding “male enhancement.” There is a great many dubious practices in this area and outright quackery.

All our products are standard medications approved by the FDA. While some of the over-the-counter pills have, in some instances, limited efficacy they are unreliable, unstandardized and in some cases dangerous. We do not use any of them.

Low testosterone levels are something we counsel patients about, but only in a small minority of cases do we recommend this treatment. Treating “low-T” is a national fad at present, but in reality it rarely offers aid to ED patients.

The area of “male enhancement” is full of fraud and deceit. Our treatments can restore patients to their full potential. In some cases this means an improvement over their recent usual norm, but we cannot improve a man past what nature has provided.


Dr. Douglas DeSalles

Dr Douglas DeSalles is the owner/operator of our clinic. Dr D grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from UC Davis before receiving his medical education at UC Irvine. He subsequently did a residency at the UC Davis Merced program in Family Practice and has worked as a primary care provider for 29 years. Dr DeSalles has been involved in treating ED since