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The Road To Hellth

Published: June 21, 2013

Healthcare, as delivered in America today, has been the subject of endless discussion in the last few years – if not decades. There is almost universal agreement that changes need to be made to improve American medicine, yet there seems to be little consensus about what needs to be done. The dissatisfaction on the patient’s side of things is more than matched on the side of practitioners. As a physician I am observing that the practice of medicine has become, without a doubt, and increasing burden on doctors. Doctors and patients alike are no longer in control of their actions, as the machine that delivers care has made the process entirely incomprehensible. It was with mixed pleasure and relief that I read the book Overhauling America’s Healthcare Machine: Stop the Bleeding and Save Trillions. This isn’t just the best thing I’ve read about our healthcare mess, it is the ONLY thing that squares with my firsthand experiences, while addressing the issues I’ve found to be important. The author is Dr. Douglass Perednia, and I had the great pleasure of interviewing him last month about this new book, as well as the art and business of American healthcare. Enjoy.

Dr. Doug Perednia, Pt. 1

Dr. Doug Perednia, Pt. 2

Dr. Doug Perednia, Pt. 3

If you are interested to learn more, Dr. Perednia can be found on the web at http://roadtohellth.com.